OpenCart Hipay Extension

Extension Opencart pour Hipay.

What does it do

It redirects the customer to Hipay secure gateway to take credit card payments.
This allows safer transactions and PCI compliance
The module will work the same for all variations. Only the name differs.


- French
- English


* You need to have a Merchant HiPay account (see

Main features

* PCI Compliant as it uses HiPay's secure servers to handle the transaction
* Redirect processing
* Testmode support
* Custom final order status
* Works with Guest & Logged in customers
* Easy & Fast installation.
* Admin control panel to manage Hipay API.
* No need for db updates.

Release informations

- release date : mars, 2016

Release notes

- some corrections in language files (both front/back end).
- fixed notify indication in order history.
- added PHPmailer in order to use Gmail for sending mails.
- some statistics about orders on backend.
- added debug mode to test hipay config (merchant settings).
- added logo support on the payment interface.
- added background support on the payment interface.
- added inputs to customize both title and infos of the order on the payment interface.
- added loading default css in extension panel
- added skype support status (check if support for this extension is available)

Easy Install

1) Unzip the content of the archive to your desktop.
2) Open "doc/english/how_to_install.txt" and read it carefully.
3) Apply the installation method described within "how_to_install.txt".
4) Login to administrator page, 'System -> Extensions-> Payment -> Locate the row "HiPay" and click "install".
5) After the installation of the extension, just click on "edit" and follow instructions.
Please read carefully the file "how_to_install.txt"
located in the folder "documentation".


The price of the extension and 60 euro , to order please make paypal payement of 30Euro

Link to Opencart HiPay Extension

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